The Audacity of Hope

In my lexicon, the definition of "audacity" is in line with the dictionary's words: insolent recklessness.  And "hope" is something wishfully desired. But don't try to tell that to the looney leftists who write New York Times editorials - most particularly today's lead screed headed "An Agenda for Mr. Netanyahu."

Before proceeding to a series of snarky snipes impugning the honesty and sincerity of Netanyahu and his administration, as well as the obligatory swipe at George Bush for not ramming a disastrous and premature "solution" down the Jewish State's throat, which the Timesers incredibly claim somehow "sabotaged United States interests in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran," the editorial lays down its prescription for Israel's suicide.

Israel, says the Times, must, as Joe Biden demanded, "freeze further settlement construction in the West Bank and dismantle roadblocks between Palestinian cities and towns not needed for security."  Unsurprisingly, not one word is mentioned regarding what the Palestinians are supposed to do, such as ceasing violence against Israel or giving up their solemn insistence on its complete destruction.

In return for this, and acceptance of an extremely premature "two-state" solution engineered with a bunch of Hamas and Fatah-ruled dedicated enemies, Israel is to receive the "hope" that Obama's sweet-talk with Iran will - despite the abject failure of all such past efforts by the United States, the UN, and various groups of other nations, will reverse the mad mullahs' course that is a real and ominous threat to Israel's very existence.

"A serious diplomatic overture [by Obama]," pontificates the Times editorialists, "followed by tougher sanctions if talks fail - is risky but worth it." Israel is supposed to bet the farm on the "hope" that Obama's messianic personality will melt the hearts of Iran's Islamic and nationalistic extremists.

Perhaps a better title for this article would have been "The Chutzpah of Illusory Wishfulness," but whatever the title, the point is clear that Israel's survival cannot be placed at this sort of risk by any responsible government; and, fortunately, Israel does seem now to have a government that is responsible, and a hell of a lot more clear-thinking than we do.