Pelosi a no-show on Sunday gab fests

Her granddaughter's first communion is undoubtedly important to the young lady and to the grandmother who is also "The first woman elected  Speaker of the House." However, according to Emily Goodwin of The Hill, Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) used this family occasion as an excuse to avoid putting both feet in her mouth on the Sunday talk shows.  Nothing unusual about that because

"We have turned down Sunday shows many, many times before," Pelosi spokesman Nadeam Elshami said.

This is undoubtedly a Pelosi truth but the spokeswoman didn't add that the circumstances were different then; her boss didn't have so much explaining to do.  Why is Pelosi's silence so revealing?

The Sunday morning talk show circuit is a traditional place to find politicians trying to recover from political missteps or trying to explain themselves after a week at the top of the news cycle. It can also give them a chance to set the agenda for the week ahead. A Sunday show appearance, with its in-depth, one-on-one interview format, gives politicians a chance to answer many questions on a specific topic, often resulting in a controversy being put to bed.

Oh.  Now that really explains why Pelosi wanted to skip the shows. Her appearance would give new life to what Pelosi really knew when about "torture."  Given the contradictions and retractions from the usually slick Pelosi in the past few weeks she should have hired Tina Fey to replace her.  Fey's explanations about what she knew and when she knew it would  certainly have made more sense.