Operation Gratitude in Facebook Face-off for Troops

Please vote on Facebook for Operation Gratitude on this Memorial Day weekend.  Last chance to help OpGrat tell our troops how much we love and appreciate them with care packages.

As most of you already know, Operation Gratitude does July 4th patriotism year round, year in an year out, sending care packages to our troops in every place they are stationed in harms way.  Everything OpGrat sends to our troops -- snacks, coffee, electronics, games, toilet articles, etc -- is all donated by patriotic citizens like you and me and generous American corporations.  But the U.S. Postal Service charges their normal fees for overseas packages, and that adds up to big money.  The current drive, with 40,000 Patriotic Care Packages, each individually addressed to a U.S. service member, will cost $11 each at total of $440,000.

Right this very minute, Target-Facebook  is having a contest to see which charitable organizations will split $3 million.  We need every American Thinker reader to go to the link below and vote for Operation Gratitude.  Your vote costs nothing and will help ensure that our service men and women will continue to know WE ALL CARE.

Operation Gratitude is the only Military Support organization in the running and it would be great if the entire Military Support Community would help them. They are up against some giants in the charity world (St. Jude's, Salvation Army, Red Cross), and we need to martial everyone who cares about supporting our Service Members in order to get a decent portion of the votes and dollars.

Please do it now.

If you need more explantion, Operation Gratitude has it all here.
Please do not delay!  Let's help Operation Gratitude say a huge "WE LOVE YOU!!!!" to our troops