Obama's America: There's no place like homelessness

When a Republican is in the Oval Office, you can count on the media to hyperventilate over homelessness, and blame the heartlessness of the GOP. As America's economy falters under the weight of Obama's policies, homelessness will only get worse. Don't hold your breath waiting for the stories on network news casts blaming the president.

The Portland Tribune, May 29, 2009, reports:

Information released Friday by the Oregon Housing and Community Services found a 37 percent jump from a year ago in the number of homeless people counted during a January one-night statewide census.

The count found 17,122 people who were homeless, up from 12,529 people in January 2008.

Skyrocketing unemployment numbers and some wage reductions during the recession could have contributed to the number of people who live on the streets.

Over at the Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, similar reports abound:

Madison - State Capitol police respond to dozens of incidents each month involving homeless people who spend their days in the landmark building.


According to police reports from January - when the coldest weather drives more people indoors - Capitol police logged 56 incidents involving the homeless in and around the Capitol; there were about 200 total reports that month.

While many incidents involved simply checking on the welfare of those sleeping on heating grates outside the building, police also dealt with alcohol abuse; arguments; defecation and urination; and arrests of people on outstanding warrants.

Meanwhile, Hollywood's stars are clapping like seals, at praise-Obama fundraises.

What's more, the legacy media is still campaigning for Obama. On the family front: there's a reluctance to acknowledge that minority groups -- struggling with employment -- will struggle more under the liberal Democrats' wealth-destroying green agendas.  Even the left's messiah can't control weather patterns. On the economic front: young voters are literally searching for "change" and the blame-Bush mentality is looking very old. After all, the Democrats won Congress in 2006, and Obama campaigned for positive changes. On the illegal immigration front: there's an unwillingness to acknowledge that undocumented residents are taking jobs away from unemployed Americans.

There's no place like homelessness.