MSNBC Calls for International Savage Ban

Another day, another new low point for cable news channel MSNBC.

On Thursday, May 14, syndicated left of center radio talk show host Ed Schultz, who has hosted The Ed Show, a daily political talk program (6-7 PM ET) on MSNBC since April 6, devoted his regular "Psycho Talk" segment to Michael Savage. The inspiration was Savage's announcement on May 13 that  the Thomas More Law Center sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on behalf of Savage requesting that she "call upon the government of the United Kingdom to rescind the arbitrary and capricious decision" of British government Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to ban Savage from entry to the UK.

With a caption over a photo of Savage that read "Pond Scum," Schultz, who referred to Savage by his birth name, Michael Weiner, which he consistently mispronounced, said:

"Oh, what a sweet irony we have here tonight in the Psycho Talk zone. [Savage] wants Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's help to get him off the UK banned list. This is the same guy who calls her a ‘fraud,' a ‘yokel,' a ‘very dangerous person. . .'

"Now here's an idea: Maybe I should send a letter over to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and say ‘Dear Madam Secretary, Would you please encourage other world leaders to ban Weiner from their countries. . .'

"We're calling for an international Weiner ban."

Video of the segment can be viewed here.
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