More doubts about Obama on the left

The comic strip Doonesbury lost all appeal to me decades ago, and I no longer read a newspaper with comics anyway, like so many other Americans. But Friday and Saturday, Garry Trudeau, Doonesbury's author, took a couple of pot shots at Barack Obama's arrogance. My friend Bookworm noticed, and sent the strips on to me. She's right.

Check out Friday's strip here. Unquestionably a slap at Bush (Trudeau's staple, no surprise), but equally a slap at the man who promised change.

That was followed by Saturday's strip here. This time, no Bush to share the satirical honors. It is Obama's megalomania being punctured.

I was always fairly certain that BO's arrogance was not going to wear well. My only question was how long it would take enough of his supporters to wake up to the real man behind the manufactured image. Despite my political disagreements with him, I believe Trudeau is a pretty smart fellow. If he is having trouble stomaching the arrogance, then the duller sorts who look to him for wit may not be all that far behind.