FEC fines Al Sharpton

Justice delayed is at least some kind of justice.  Usually, that is.

Almost five years after beginning his 2004 presidential  bid, Democratic party stalwart--and outspoken racist, bigot and liar--Reverend Al Sharpton received a $285,000 fine from the Federal Election Commission  for uhm, violating campaign finance laws.

Sharpton, his presidential campaign committee, Sharpton 2004, and Andrew Rivera, in his official capacity as treasurer, agreed to pay a civil penalty of $208,000 for failing to report accurately all receipts and expenditures, receiving excessive and prohibited in-kind contributions and accepting impermissible corporate contributions. They also agreed to refund $10,500 in unresolved excessive contributions, disgorge $9,000 in excessive contributions and refund $181,115 to National Action Network or disgorge the funds to the U.S. Treasury. National Action Network, Inc. and Sharpton, as president, agreed to a civil penalty of $77,000 for making prohibited contributions to Sharpton 2004.
Practicing their belief in rehabilitation--or something--Sharpton remains a Democratic party stalwart -- and bigot although he continues to accuse others of bigotry.
Meanwhile, the FEC is silent about those numerous and generous online, untraceable credit card donations to the Obama 2008 campaign.
Oh, right, it has only been a year.