Elizabeth Edwards: Enabler

As accomplished lawyer Elizabeth Edwards peddles her whiny, woe unto me, mistitled book Resilience, about her husband John Edwards, -- ex senator, ex vice presidential candidate, ex presidential candidate and past, present and probably future total low life -- several people--including (un)callous me--lack sympathy for her.  As Kurt Schlichter  of Big Hollywood puts it

Creepy husband who cheats with a trampy party girl and humiliates you in front of the entire nation?  You probably chose to marry and stick with a creepy husband who would cheat with a trampy party girl and humiliate you in front of the entire nation.
OK, maybe she stuck with him for the fairly understandable reason; the sake of the children.  And sadly she had/has cancer.  And a 28,000 square foot house.  So she became an enabler and an accomplice.  Knowing his sordid story, she signed on to his lying presidential campaign in full adoring wife mode; celebrating their wedding anniversary at a public dinner, dragging the couple's children along to campaign, enjoying life in that  mansion while preaching environmentalism and bemoaning poverty.  Through it all,  there she was, beaming at her husband.
I hope just one interviewer has the guts to ask the only question I'd like to hear her answer:

Why don't you and Johnny have the decency to just go away?

And then divorce the guy and set a decent example for your kids and the rest of the nation. 

And change the title of your book from Resilience to My Life As a Lap Dog.