Did Obama Open Pandora's Box?

Be careful what you wish for. And never take for granted the loyalty of your enemies.

In a typically brilliant
analysis, Legal Insurrection's Prof. Jacobson notes that the forthcoming Congressional hearings on the treatment of high level Al Qaeda detainees, set in motion by the President's foolish decision to release the OLC memoranda, can only hurt the Democrats and help the Republicans.

I love Jacobson's conclusion: that would be a wonderful result to my way of thinking.

So Jane Harman is the Democrats big hope? The same Jane Harman who Nancy Pelosi refused to allow to become Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, despite Harman's seniority? The same Jane Harman who Democrats tried to throw under the bus on the now-dropped AIPAC prosecutions by leaking that Harman was wiretapped talking to a possible "Israeli agent"? That Jane Harman? The only person who did object to waterboarding is expected to run interference for Democrats who went along to get along and who have treated her so poorly in the past several years?

What will Democrats do if they find that other Democrats were morally if not legally culpable in waterboarding? Do the Democrats have an exit strategy?

Here's my prediction of what will happen if Democrats push the investigation to the bitter end causing damage to national security, a political death match with the CIA, and Democrat-on-Democrat finger pointing:

'Stenny Hoyer, Speaker; Jane Harman, Majority Leader; Nancy Pelosi, Chair of the House sub-committee on fresh water fisheries; Republicans, unexpected gains in 2010 mid-term elections.'

The Democrats wished hard for an investigation into waterboarding and other interrogation methods. They may have wished too hard, because they are about to get what they wished for, with no way out.

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