Cue the laugh track: Sotomayor 'saved' baseball

According to casual Chicago White Sox fan President Barack Hussein Obama (D), his nominee for Supreme Court justice, Sonia Sotomayor "helped save baseball."
Neutral (in this instance)  Jake Tapper of ABC News reports that devoted Chicago Cubs fan George Will totally disagrees with Obama.  And Sotomayor.

Will says that "in fact, what she did was take sides, took union's side against the management, and in so-doing, wasted 262 days of negotiations. That, far from saving baseball, consigned baseball to seven more years of an unreformed economic system, which happened to be the seven worst years in terms of competitive balance."

Sotomayor, Will says, "delayed the restructuring of baseball. So I would say that far from her saving baseball, as the president says, that in fact, baseball thrives now because we got over the damage that her judicial activism did in that strike.

Since her decision the White Sox have gone on to win a World Series; the Cubs have faithfully not.

Not that Sotomayor's decision had anything to do with it of course.  Or Will's opinion.