Arpaio Gets The Money Napolitano Took From Him

When Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano was still governor of Arizona, she stripped $1.6 million from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's budget.  That money was to be spent to enforce immigration laws in Maricopa County.   However, Napolitano kowtowed to local Democrat politicians, liberal activists, ACORN, and the like, in the call to de-fund Arpaio's supposed "reign of terror" among the illegal population.  Well, with Napolitano now spending most of her time beefing up the Canadian border that money has now been returned according to a news story in the Arizona Republic.

That same Arizona Republic editorialized that a scheduled Arizona State Senate hearing to consider sanctuary city policies and the financial costs associated with those polices is nothing more than "full-bore immigrant bashing."  Arpaio will be one of the panelists in the hearing.

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