Another Mark Steyn Gem


Ever wonder where that $800 billion in stimulus money went? Do you ever think about the jobs created as a result of it?

Mark Steyn is in rare form with this column in the OC Register that is both hilarious and tragic:

The designated "anti-poverty agency" is taking out quarter-page ads in every local paper because they're "seeking applicants for several positions funded in full or part by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)" - that's the "stimulus" to you and me. Isn't it great to see those bazillions of stimulus dollars already out there stimulating the economy? Creating lots of new jobs at SEVCA, in order to fulfill the president's promise to "create or keep" 2.5 million jobs. At SEVCA, he's not just keeping all the existing ones, but creating new ones, too. Of the eight new positions advertised, the first is:"ARRA Projects Coordinator."

Gotcha. So the first new job created by the stimulus is a job "coordinating" other programs funded by the stimulus. What's next?


That's how they spell it. Like in "Star Wars" - Luke Grantwriter waving his hope saber as instructed by his mentor Obi-Bam Baracki ("May the Funds be with you!"). The Grantwriter will be responsible for writing grant applications "to augment ARRA funds." So the second new job created by stimulus funding funds someone to petition for additional funding for projects funded by the stimulus.

The tragedy is, he is probably close to the truth. So little of the stim money has even been released - and what little is out there no one knows what it's being spent on - that it is perfectly logical to assume that these are the kinds of jobs being created.

Read the whole hysterical thing.