Video: Obama mentions the 'Austrian' language

A swanky prep school and two Ivy League degrees and the liberal belief that he is intelligent do not an educated man make. Watch this video and imagine how the press would have reacted if George W. Bush had referred to ‘the Austrian Language.'

Although I don't know very much about contemporary standards of education, I know a little bit more about the standards existing at around the time of Obama's education as my children are within a few  years of Obama's age.  None of my children had the educational advantages of private school and Ivy League universities enjoyed by the President, yet, they are better educated than Obama.  How can that be?  The most obvious answer is that Obama is not that smart in terms of raw intelligence.  Another answer is that Obama simply lacks intellectual curiousity and therefore doesn't learn much.

This is the brilliant man, the gifted orator, who will lead us to international respect, repair our wounds and right the wrongs of the "failed" administration of the dullard, George Bush?