'Victory in Iraq Day' June 13, Washington

On June 13th, there will be a veterans' "Victory in Iraq Day" rally on the Washington National Mall. It is sponsored by the Gathering of Eagles and will have many speakers including Melanie Morgan of MoveAmericaForward.org.
While not technically an anti-tax Tea Party, It is realistic to assume that the veterans and other speakers will have plenty to say about the failings of the Obama administration and the DHS report issued by Janet Napalitano which calls many of those veterans dangerous right wing extremists who threaten our country - or at least the Obama administration. And there is a reasonable chance that some new Obama mishandling of our national defense or The One's speaking out against America being a great and worthy country that may occur between now and that Saturday in June.
The confirmed speakers attending are:
Cobi Dillard

Pat Dollard    
Jerry Coffee  (POW)
Bob Lehmiller (Gold Star Dad)
Nikki Mendiciino
Deborah Johns (MAF)
Cat Moy (MAF)
Debbie Lee (Gold Star Mom - MAF)
Diana Nagy (Singer/Songwrier)
Buzz Patterson (USAF Ret., Author)
Jeff Emanuel (Columnist, Combat Journalist)
Jim Hanson (Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive)
More Information can be found at these websites:

Jack Kemp is not the politician of the same name.
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