Swine flu, the lawsuit

The term Swine Flu is no laughing matter for environmentalist and animal rights extremists, the sworn enemies of modern agriculture. To them it is a potential godsend.   Environmental activists have targeted large scale hog operations in class action suits arguing that they create massive damage to the environment. 

Recall that less than three month's ago,
RFK, Jr. testified before Congress that hog farmers are a greater threat to Americans than Osama bin Laden!   Now picture one urban jury allowed to hear one junk scientist testify that large scale hog farming facilitates the mutation of dangerous viruses that can easily make the jump to humans before you make fun of the concerns of farmers. So far such cases have been dismissed for failing to state a cause of action but farmers worry about misguided fears that hogs harbor a dangerous virus could give a future case traction.  The abysmal state of science education in this county combined with a legal system that allows forum shopping makes these worries entirely understandable.