Stopping piracy

According to media reports, like this article by Richard Owen of the  Times Online, Israeli private security guards on an Italian cruise ship repelled an attempted attack from Somali pirates  in international waters over 600 miles from the Somali coast.

Commander Pinto, who ordered the crew to turn the boat into the waves to make it more difficult to board, said that pistols kept in a safe on the ship were handed out to security staff hired from an Israeli private security company. The guards opened fire as the pirates tried to clamber up the ship. They followed the MSC Melody for another 20 minutes, still firing, before giving up. "It felt like we were in war," Commander Pinto said.  (snip)  Domenico Pellegrino, the managing director of MSC, confirmed that the ship was protected by Israeli security guards. "We use them because they are the best - and we have just had a demonstration of that," he said.
Expect the UN and all the human wrongs and social (in)justice commissions to accuse Israel of using excessive force against lightly armed people of color who just so happen to be Muslim by escalating a slight misunderstanding of the American and European world into an armed conflict against innocents.
In other incidents over the weekend two pirates were killed in a clash with Yemeni coast guards who were unable to prevent them seizing the empty oil tanker Qana. A Turkish cruise ship, Ariva 3, with two British and four Japanese crew aboard, survived a pirate attack near the Yemeni island of Jabal Zuqar yesterday, according to the Yemeni El-Awlaqi Marine company. It said the pirates opened fire for 15 minutes "and stopped for no reason".