Shake hands with the devil

Great movie, And, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

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Joke of the day:

Q. What’s the difference between Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez?
A. One is grinning as he shakes the hand of a socialist. The other one is Barack Obama. (HT:

Michelle Malkin: "At least he didn't bow."

Fox News:

President Obama made the first move to greet Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, but it was the acerbic and anti-American leader who beat Obama to the punch on the World Wide Web.

In a clear indication Chavez sought to leverage his brief encounter with Obama at the opening ceremonies of the fifth Summit of the Americas here, Chavez's government Web site almost immediately posted a photo of the two leaders and a government-approved commentary in Spanish that read as follows:

"Before the Inaugural session of the 5th Summit of the Americas, the President of the United States approached President Chavez to greet him. They both drew their hands in a historic handshake after many years of tension under the Bush administration, when relations between Washington and Caracas had deteriorated. President Chavez expressed to Obama his desire for changes in the relations between the two countries. Eight years ago I greeted President Bush with this same hand. I'd like to be your friend."

It took the White House almost three hours to confirm the handshake. As of 9:20 p.m. EST there was no indication the White House intended to release any photos. A senior administration official declined to describe the leaders' glancing conversation, but did not dispute the Venezuelan government's account.

Late Friday, Obama told reporters he said to Chavez: "Como Esta?" (How are you?)
Well, at least he didn't try and speak Austrian with Chavez.

Once again, our president has gladly made himself a propaganda tool of an enemy. But of course, in Obama's world, we have no "enemies" - only Facebook friends we haven't added yet.

Perhaps the White House should open an office of foreign propaganda and channel all requests to make the United States look idiotic through there. Save gas money by keeping Obama at home  and save time and energy in writing press releases; we'll just have the thugs of the world write them for us.

Will Obama ask Chavez about the Hezb'allah training camps in Venezuala? Or the help he's giving to FARC who is fighting a civil war against an ally, Columbia? Or of his designs to destroy Venezualan democracy by having himself all but declared "President for life?"

Somehow, I don't think those subjects are going to come up between the two.