Obama on the deficit: 'That wasn't me'

I burst out laughing last night when the president said that. He reminded me of a little boy who broke a dish right in front of his parents only to look them right in the eye and exclaim, "That wasn't me."

Leaving aside the fact that the Democrats have been in charge of the Congress since January of 2007,the federal deficit for that year was a manageable $161 billion. At that time - before the bailouts and trillions dumped into credit markets - the projected 2009 deficit was a worrisome $482 billion.

As AP points out in this Fact Check, Obama supported the original Bush TARP bill and then proceeded to pile on debt until that 2009 projection stands at an "official" $1.75 trillion - four times higher than the original projection under Bush. And that number, as most economists believe, is a joke with the real deficit probably kissing $2 trillion.

And AP points out that his claim regarding his budget being able to halve the deficit by 2012 is also a knee slapper according to most economists.

Obama's penchant for blaming others for his disasters will only go on for so long. This narcissistic man who believes he can do no wrong and who is cultivating a cult of personality to ensure people will vote for him no matter how bad things get will not have a clue what to do once his "blame Bush" crutch has been taken from him.