Give a hoot - go ahead and pollute?

You just gotta love this headline over a story by Louise Gray in The Telegraph. It is sure to drive the unscientific environmentalists crazy.     

"Global warming 'slowed by pollution
Pollution is protecting the world from climate change, according to two new studies."


The study of plants by scientists from across the UK, including the Met Office, found that "global dimming" caused by polluted skies over the last 40 years has increased the ability of plants to absorb carbon dioxide by as much as a quarter. The study published in Nature said this is because the diffusion of sunlight means the land receives light from different directions rather than just directly from the sun. As a result, plants are able to convert more of the sunlight energy into growth, trapping carbon dioxide as they do so, because more leaves are in the sun.

The increase in the amount of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, may have helped to slow global warming. However as the world cuts pollution it will speed up again.
Ever eager to be helpful herewith are my suggestions for patriotic Americans to combat this scourge  while even aiding our economy; feel free to offer other suggestions as driving environmentalists nuts is good for the world.

a] We should  strip the expensive, gas guzzling emission controls from our cars; this should be especially helpful in beleagured southern California, sizzling through high temperatures and even higher gas prices.

b]  Replace expensive imported oil and gas for heating with good old American coal; unemployed miners in southern Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and other places will thank you.