Eric Cantor in the cross hairs

The Democrats know that if they can knock out rising GOP leaders by hook or by crook, their hold on power becomes more secure.  It's not surprising when Ms. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal asserts that:

"Democrats know their current dominance in Washington is in no small part due to public disillusionment with the GOP. They are also aware that their current tax-and-spend governance is creating plenty of opportunities for that opposition to remake itself. Thus the furious campaign -- waged by every blog, pundit, union, 527, and even the White House -- to kneecap Republicans who might help lead a makeover. Mr. Cantor is the top target."

Wonder where all that "public disillusionment with the GOP" came from?   The attack on GOP Congressman Cantor is just the latest fusillade in what is no more than an extension of the continuous barrage of shots fired at the Bush Administration. After eight years of ne'er-countered, virulent Bush-bashing by the lefty-wing of the Democrats, GOP fiscal profligacy, policy-back-pedal politics, and "the Democrats wouldn't let us do it" excuses -- Republicans have few to blame other than themselves for their spectator status in the great game currently being played out before them.   They had their chance. So did we.  And now it's a very tough uphill climb.  Sisyphus had it easy.