Coming soon: Obama to GM, 'We Own You'

Now that Obama runs GM ... what about advertising for the company?

Dick Morris’s blog in on March 31, 2009 gives us a clue:

GM, now renamed Government Motors, has a new CEO: President Barack Obama.

By replacing the head of the company and demanding a restructuring of its board in return for further TARP aid, Obama has taken upon himself the responsibility for the future of the company. As Gen. Colin Powell said when Bush was considering invading Iraq and toppling the Saddam Hussein government there: “If you break it, you own it.” Now it is Obama’s company.

How long to you suppose that GM will continue to advertise on:

• Rush Limbaugh's Show?
• Sean Hannity's Show?
• Laura Ingraham's Show?

It is highly doubtful that economic benefit will be part of the cost/benefit calculation for maintaining the advertising buy on those shows.

The over-riding factor will be political “fairness." Obama doesn't need the Fairness Doctrine when he will soon have Fairness Advertising.