Chavez: Capitalism is 'the Road to Hell'

Hugo Chavez, leader of the people’s paradise of Venezuela (which can’t keep groceries on the shelf), has called for the end of capitalism.

BBC News put it this way:

"Those who want to go directly to hell, they can follow capitalism," Mr Chavez said in the town of Trinidad in Bolivia.
"And those of us who want to build heaven here on earth, we will follow socialism," he added.

But heaven on earth could mean a strict diet of rice, margarine, and pasta. The Washington Post reported:

The government grocery store [in Caracas] has run out of chicken, milk and sugar, but Katiuska Oliveros is still pleased to find rice, margarine and pasta at exceedingly low prices, emblazoned with promotional slogans like "When the people have needs, its revolutionary government responds!"

Socialism is heaven on earth … for the hungry.

The US Congress seems to be heeding the Venezuelan dictator’s advice. A couple more trillion dollars worth of bailouts plus the continuation of the federal takeovers of America’s private businesses and our country will be heaven on earth within a few years.

Macaroni and margarine. Yum. Yum.

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