CBC spits on the graves of murdered Castro opponents

If you have eaten recently, don't read this until your food has digested  bit.

Six members of the Congressional Black Caucus met with the Castro brothers:

Members of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus met with Cuban President Raul Castro and former president Fidel Castro this week in Cuba.

The meeting was the first high-level session between U.S. elected officials and Cuban leaders since Fidel Castro left office, and Rep. Barbara Lee, the chair of the black caucus, described the former president as "engaging" and "energetic." in the discussions he had with the U.S. delegation.

A report from Cuba said the members took part in a "lengthy discussion" that dealt with "diverse issues with an emphasis on the possible future development of bilateral relations and economic links, following the recent election of a new U.S. administration."

The other members of the delegations included Reps. Mel Watt of North Carolina, Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri, Marcia Fudge of Ohio, Mike Honda of California, Bobby Rush of Illinois and Laura Richardson of California.

The left's fascination with the "engaging" and "energetic" Castro will be looked at by historians 100 years from now with wonderment. Will these future chroniclers try to explain it as some kind of mass delusion? Something in the water? What is it about this mass murdering dictator that the left romanticizes?

I will bet my autographed 2005 World Champion White Sox baseball that Raul or Fidel (or both) will be visiting Washington by the end of Obama's term.

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