Another day, another Obama pick discovered to be a tax cheat

Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius (D), President Barack Hussein Obama's (D) nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, certainly has maintained the standards the president is seeking for personnel in his administration--she owes back taxes.

CBS News has obtained Sebelius' letter to the Senate Finance Committee. She writes in it that she and her husband hired a Certified Public Accountant to review their returns after her nomination and that the CPA uncovered the errors, after which they amended their returns.
Blithely labeling the errors "unintentional," she could not document some charitable contributions and business (government) expenses deductions plus erred in reporting on the sale of a home.  Covering three  years from 2005-2007, Sebelius and her husband, a judge, paid over $7000 in back taxes plus nearly $900 in interest to cover the amount owed. 
But not to worry Governor Sebelius.  Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana), head of the Finance Committee, immediately released a reassuring release. 
“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Governor Sebelius has the political experience, determination, and bipartisan work ethic to get the job done with Congress this year," he said. "She’s the right person for the job and I look forward to hearing from her at the Finance Committee’s hearing on Thursday.”