And NBC's biggest hack is...?

This is incredible. GE is concerned CNBC is too critical of Obama, according to the New York Post.  I guess MSNBC was fair and  balanced towards Bush.  First homeland security memorandums, now this. Do you feel a chill?  Maybe Immelt should  be more concerned with other parts of his company since the stock has gone from 60 to 11 under his "leadership."

Ed Lasky adds:

GE is deeply dependent on the goodwill of Obama. They needed the bailout money and may need more; furthermore they have a vested interest in green energy -- a huge investment for them; plus involved in cap and trade. Just finished a great book on how business gets in bed with Democrats -- and has for decades. Cuts off competition, get govt. money, control the regulatory process to hurt competitors -- all at our expense.

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