White House bars video of Biden speech

So what's Joe Biden been up to lately?

Obama put the Human Gaffe Machine in charge of spending $800 billion in stimulus money which I guess will mean that he will be hand stamping the official Obama seal of the stimulus on all the projects. Can't imagine him being smart enough to do much else.

Now the White House has dispatched Biden to speak to labor leaders down in Florida where the union bosses will be rubbing elbows with the hoity toity crowd at the Fontainbleau Hotel (we hope they know which fork to use during the salad course - perhaps they'll just use their switchblades).

One thing about that Biden speech; the White House has nixed any video coverage of the event:

When Vice President Joe Biden speaks to the annual meeting of AFL-CIO officials at the plush Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach Thursday morning, television cameras will not be allowed to cover his speech - on orders from the White House, Fox News reported.

The Fontainebleau, which recently had a billion-dollar makeover, describes itself as "a spectacular blend of Miami's glamorous golden era and stylish modern luxury." It has 1,504 rooms and suites, 22 oceanfront acres, 11 restaurants and nightclubs including three signature name chef restaurants, a 40,000-square-foot spa, and a "sophisticated poolscape" with private cabanas.

The AFL-CIO Executive Committee told Fox News it is holding its meeting at the Fontainebleau because the hotel agreed to employ union workers as part of its renovation project. 

A number of corporations are under fire for either holding or attempting to hold business meetings at resort hotels in these tough economic times.

After speaking to union members Thursday morning, Biden will tour Miami's Intermodal Center, a transportation project funded by the Democrats' economic stimulus bill.

So while their members are living hand to mouth and struggling to get by, the labor bosses will be living it up in Florida.

And the White House - fearing either a backlash against their buds in the labor leadership or are truly frightened of what gaffe Biden might let loose with - has said no to filming the Veep's address. My guess is, it's probably a little of both.

Attention my fellow brothers and sisters in labor unions: Don't you feel just a little like you've been had by these phonies? Wake up and take back your unions from these frauds.


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