UN Chief to America: US is a deadbeat donor

The UN disbands its anti-fraud unit, gives billions to UNWRA, aids the oil-for-food scandal, has its peacekeeper troops rape and abuse those in its charge (whom they are supposed to protect), waste money on such actions as the Durban conference against racism, and the Human Rights Council, and its diplomats do not pay their parking tickets and enjoy tax-free income, We American taxpayers pay 22% of its operating budget.

Yet its chief calls America a
"deadbeat” donor.  CNS news reports:
The United States gives more financial support to the United Nations than any other country, but on Wednesday, in a closed-door meeting with the House Foreign Relations Committee, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the U.S. "the biggest deadbeat" donor.
The U.S. still owes around $1 billion to the world body, Ban told lawmakers.  "We cannot do the work you ask us to do without the resources to get the job done," the U.N. quoted him as telling the House committee.

The man who was almost president, Sen. John Kerry, thinks the UN needs more money:

"Around the world, the United Nations is underfunded and overtasked," Kerry said in an appearance with Ban, adding that he and the U.N. chief had talked about the need for the U.S. to meet its financial obligations to the U.N. and to adopt climate legislation this year to make cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

If anything, President Obama is even more favorable to the UN.

Thomas Lifson adds:

An organization spouting idealistic rhetoric, but systemically corrupt, will probably gain stature and power during Obama's tenure. He seems to prefer outsourcing tasks, as opposed to bothering with them as an actual executive, and it strikes me as likely he will find the UN a useful body. And of course, he is in sympathy (if not more) with the leftist/third world gang that runs the place.

More unaccountable power in the hands of the left. Globally.
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