The terrorist apologist who sat in a tree

Professor Steven Plaut of the University of Haifa has some additional information about Tristan Anderson, the professional imperialist agitator who traveled to Israel with the International Solidarity Movement of terrorist apologists to protest against Israeli soldiers protecting Israel from terrorists by throwing large rocks at them.  Anderson, who was seriously injured when the Israelis defended themselves, has a long history of throwing and dropping things on those he doesn't like.  Prior to this trip

he sat in a tree on campus for 2 years and dropped buckets full of human waste on the heads of police who were trying to get him down.  He is a professional troublemaker and  is an embarrassment to Berkeley.

Hmm, and here I thought "an embarrassment to Berkeley" would be a person who voted Republican or was pro Israel. And did Anderson think he could travel to other countries, such as Israel, which is under siege from those who want to eliminate it, and protest with impunity, thinking his (probably) despised U.S. citizenship granted him immunity from violating the laws of another country?  Apparently so as  terrorist appeasers will now protest against Israel in the peoples' republic of San Francisco. 

Will the San Francisco police treat these protesters gently if they act as violently as their counterparts in Israel?