The real situation in Iran

While obedient useful idiot Roger Cohen of the NY Times continues to parrot what his minders (literally) tell him, Michael Rubin of NRO's The Corner informs us of the real situation in Iran.
* Ahmadinejad praises traditional medicine, attacks modern medicine, which is the product of Zionists. 

* Iran renames street in honor of Imad Mughniyeh, the terrorist mastermind responsible for the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut and the hijacking of TWA flight 847.

* Hassan Rowhani, nuclear negotiator under Muhammad Khatami, acknowledges that the “reformists” pursued the same nuclear goals as the Principalists; i.e., Ahmadinejad’s faction. Rowhani: "The path that was chosen during my tenure with regard to the nuclear issue would have taken us to our goals with slower speed, but also with lower cost. The path chosen by the ninth government has higher speed, but has also imposed a heavy cost on the country...."

* Separate school books instituted for girls and boys.

Classic!  Blaming Jews/Israel, honoring terrorists, planning more terrorism. 
But hey, according to Cohen this is all insignificant.  Which says something about Cohen.