The New Contract with America

I confess. I cheated. Mark Levin’s new book “Liberty and Tyranny” arrived yesterday; I immediately skipped to the back to read the Epilogue. As I had hoped and expected, I found a list of ten items that Mark has suggested as reforms for our current “statist” government.

Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America nationalized the 1994 Congressional election. We need to adopt a similar strategy for the 2010 election cycle.

These ten items should be the New Conservative’s Contract with America.

The list:

1.)    Taxation – Eliminate the “progressive income tax and withholding.
2.)    The Environment – Eliminate special statutory granting “Standing” to environmental groups.
3.)    Judges – Limit the Supreme Courts judicial review power – eliminate “lifetime tenure” for all federal judges.
4.)    Sunset all “independent” federal agencies – reduce the civilian federal workforce by 20% or more.
5.)    Government education – Eliminate the government’s monopoly of our education system by applying antitrust laws to the NEA.
6.)    Immigration – Secure the nations borders by enforcing the immigration laws.
7.)    Entitlements – Eliminate them and resist all efforts to nationalize the healthcare system.
8.)    Foreign Policy and Security – Ensure that all foreign policy decisions are made for the purpose of preserving and improving American Society.
9.)    Faith – Oppose all efforts to remove the nation’s founding justification – that is, God-given unalienable, natural rights that the government can neither confer on the individual nor deny him.
10.)    The Constitution – Eliminate limits on and rationing of political free speech.

That is simply the list. Mark explains each in detail in the epilogue and throughout his book. Buy the book and let its contents guide you in making your choices for political candidates you can support.

In the mean time you can go to Mark’s website and down load MP3 files of Mark’s radio show for March 26th & 27th. In these two shows Mark gives you his thoughts on these ten items.

We need to embrace these concepts and force all of our elected officials into doing likewise for the next forty election cycles.

This is a recipe for taking back our country from the Obamastatists.