Sweden's unsporting behavior

As the Arabs/Muslims infest the sports world with their racist hatred of Israel and Jews, some succumb while others stand fast, retaining their integrity.

Angered by Dubai United Arab Emirate's refusal to grant Israel's star tennis player Shahar Pe'er a visa, the World Tennis Association bravely acted  by fining Dubai a record $300,000 for violating tour rules, forcing Dubai to post a record $2 million financial performance guarantee and other punishments.  In addition the defending champion, Andy Roddick, refused to travel to Dubai and play, further tarnishing the country's image.
However, repeating its shameful World War ll behavior, Sweden once again has become the cowardly little country that quickly gave in to bigotry and terror.  Although the  Swedes allowed Israelis to enter the country for the Davis Cup to be played in Malmo, their third largest city, they strictly limited attendance to the game to 300 spectators , claiming  they couldn't guarantee  security at the arena. 

Sweden, a fierce critic of Israel, has a large immigrant Muslim population. Malmo has police "no go" zones--Muslim neighborhoods where police are terrified to enter, so they don't.  Encouraged by this cowardice, Muslims and other racists rioted in Malmo the day before the game.  Gateway Pundit  provides the coverage   other MSM overlooked.  As usual.
And the result? Uncowed and unbowed

Israel advanced to the Davis Cup quarterfinals for the first time since 1987 after rallying to beat seven-time champion Sweden 3-2 Sunday in a close series overshadowed by political protests.

But Sweden lost more than the game; they lost their independence and their remaining shreds of decency.