Notre Dame Alumni Opposed to Obama's Speech

The Observer, Notre Dame’s student newspaper, has been hearing from Notre Dame alumni on whether or not Obama should speak at the graduation. Most alumni agree: the University has made a mistake.

Here is an excerpt from an editorial from The Observer:

The Observer's inbox has been inundated with letters in response to the University's invitation to the President of the United States to be the principal speaker at this year's Commencement exercises.

These letters range from expressions of utter outrage and disbelief to mild acceptance, from sheer joy to indifference. Their authors - angered alumni, American Catholics not associated with the University and students - are contributing their viewpoints to a conversation that has - in many respects - reduced itself to a circus.

Of the 612 Letters to the Editor The Observer has received as of 2 p.m. Thursday, 313 have been authored by alumni. Of those letters, 30 percent are supportive of the University's decision to invite the president and 70 percent are against.

So the alumni are more than 2 to 1 against the invitation to speak and Notre Dame’s decision to grant Obama an honorary degree. (Note to Notre Dame: You do remember those alumni don’t you? Those are the people who pay to help keep the University running.)

Perhaps the next time those 70% of the alumni receive requests for donations … they might want to qualify their contributions.


The Bishops aren't happy either.

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