Moving into a neighborhood near you

Lost in the huffing and puffing of the AIG bonuses is this Alice in Shockingland news. 

Some of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners could be released into the United States while others could be put on trial in the American court system, Attorney General Eric Holder said on Wednesday.  (snip)  (Those) who can be released, there are a variety of options that we have. Among them is the possibility that we could release them into this country," he said.
Holder said it was possible the 17 Chinese Muslims who have been held for years at Guantanamo, and two or three others prisoners, could be freed in the United States.

The 17 members of the Uighur ethic group have been cleared for release but have nonetheless remained at Guantanamo while the United States tries to find a country willing to take them. The U.S. government has said it cannot return them to China because they would face persecution there.

"We've been trying to come up with places for them," Holder said of the Uighurs. Their lawyers have asked Obama to bring them to the United States.

But of course.  And once they're firmly ensconced in the U.S. they will be given all their due as legal immigrants including, but not limited to:  free bilingual education with promises Americans will learn their language and respect and finance their customs and religion; certified as a government approved minority to poorly compensate them for the historic evil the U.S. imposed on their ancestors; the unlimited right to bring in all their family to this country who will have the unlimited right to bring in their family who will have...; full welfare benefits enabling them to live better than the average working American plus more to ensure that these outstanding new immigrants finally fulfill the promise of our Founding Fathers (those bigoted white men such as George Washington) that this country finally becomes diverse, pluralistic and multi cultural.

hat tip:  Little Green Footballs