More Obama Narcissism

Victor Davis Hanson nails it, pointing out in a brief post at NRO's The Corner, another disturbing megalomaniac aspect of the creeping socialism of President Barack Hussein Obama (D).

I think our president needs to invest more in the use of the third-person "government," since his speeches more and more center on the narcissistic "I" and "me
In discussing the transition of GM from General Motors to Government Motors
My Auto Task Force

And so today, I am announcing that my administration will...

In this context, my administration will offer General Motors adequate working capital over the next 60 days. During this time, my team will be working closely with GM to produce a better business plan.

I am committed to doing all I can to see if a deal can be struck...

Perhaps he wants to take all the credit if there is a success. By the same token, he better be prepared to take the blame for failure.