Maybe Mayor Daley could have found something better to spend money on?

Meanwhile back in Chicago, Mayor Richard Daley (D) and friends are spending countless  $$$$ (yeah, yeah private corporations are "donating" funds) pursuing the Olympics for our corrupt city in 2016.  Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn has some suggestions for the Games' mascot which in one year alone will cost $10.8 million overall for marketing and communications;
Below is an edited version of some of the suggested names by Zorn so far.

Gimme (an alderman holding fistfuls of cash)

Grafty the Pig

Kickback the Fat Cat

Casper the Friendly Ghost Payroller

A flaming cow

Abe Lincoln with a clothespin on his nose

Lockup (a Chicago politician in prison jumpsuit)
Wally (a giant wallet on legs that is always being pursued by his co-mascot Taxy, a giant hand)
Many readers were enthusiastic about "Chalkie," an outline of the body of a murder victim holding the Olympic torch. That idea first appeared at the SecondCityCop blog and now has its own Web site, where enthusiasts can order souvenir hats and T-shirts.
Zorn will send all additional suggestions to the city's Olympic Committee; in return their big Chicago thank you hug will be the reward (just watch your wallet!).