John Kerry should practice what he preaches

Fresh from voting for President Barack Hussein Obama's (D) "imperfect" many, many multi, multi billion $ stimulus bill which included his  nearly $6 million subsidy stimulus for the Senator Edward M. Kennnedy (D-MA) Institute for the Senate, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) fired off   a self righteous, self serving letter to the NY Post. 

"DC Party Poopers Scare Clubs," (March 9) is an exercise in misdirection.

My legislation is simple: If a huge company accepts bailout funds from the taxpayer, they cannot waste it on lavish parties, expensive dinners and Tiffany trinkets.

Normal marketing, events, conferences and travel that create jobs would not be affected.

American families are watching every penny they spend. Big companies bailed out by the taxpayers should do the same.

The big banks were given billions to increase lending, not to throw junkets with "Earth, Wind and Fire."

Spending on tourism and entertainment will increase if we get our economy moving again.

I will continue pushing for legislation that protects the taxpayer, puts people back to work and boosts our economy.

Sen. John Kerry

Presumably Kerry and spouse were not among the 200 attendees at the "expensive dinner" the Obamas hosted after signing the stimulus bill, sending them instead a copy of this letter and demanding that the Obamas repay the government  for this dinner and the "lavish party"
they held for the nation's governors last month where Earth, Wind and Fire entertained. 

( Global warming has apparently polluted the transparent White House as I could not find the guest list of the "expensive" post stimulus bill signing dinner at the site.)

After all, government is huge and thanks to Obama, Kerry and Company it is getting huger; it is wholly dependent on taxpayer funds and therefore should not waste our money.  And even if these dinners are "normal events that create jobs" certainly they could be done on a simpler level.  Chips and dip perhaps?  Take out from the local pizzeria, Chinese restaurant, Mexican tanqueria and beer and burger joint with a DVD of an American classic movie as
entertainment would also create  ethnic diversity reflecting our multi cultural society at a very low cost. Entertaining like this would not only be much cheaper, so essential in these hard times, but also "protects the taxpayer, puts people back to work." 

However, sadly, I don't think Senator Kerry protested this way to the Obamas.

hat tip: AT reader Giggles