How will Israel survive Obama's naïveté on Iran?

As an American citizen I did everything I could to stop this from happening. I voted for McCain.   But now in Israel as I watch as Obama appeases the Iranians I wonder if we in Israel will be able to survive.

Obama apparently believes that appeasing totalitarian regimes works.  His Nowruz  address will become the classic example of such an attempt. But the history of appeasement is not very encouraging. It has not worked with the Nazis, it has not worked with Arafat's regime, and least of all has it worked with the jihadists.  For those in Europe who have for years believed that their appeasement has brought them less terror and cheap oil can only look around and see what Europe has become with the recent protests in Luton and Malmo.

Is it not better to have some dialogue with Iran? Are there no benefits at all? John Bolton thinks not.

The US would survive the collapse of its appeasement policy toward Iran, even the scenario of an EMP attack. Israel would not.

Israel should not be made to play the role of a victim of a failed appeasement policy, a learning curve unfortunate error in judgment of a rookie American president.  For the lesson learned would have been that an Iranian-Israeli nuclear war would be a disaster not only for Israel but for the US as well.  So why make the error in the first place?  

As an Israeli citizen I therefore voted for those who have already experienced the futility of appeasing the jihadists  in more than 15 failed  peace process attempts in the last 15 years and who will in protecting Israel's survival be protecting American interests as well.