Hollywood goes to Iran

Fresh from last week's Oscar/Academy Award presentation a few of Hollywood royalty's useful liberal idiots, such as Oscar winner Annette Bening (married to über liberal Warren Beatty), Alfre Woodard, Sid Ganis (president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) and others, embarked on a pilgrimage to Iran. 

Ostensibly invited by their Iranian counterparts to offer workshops, they received vehement tongue lashings (so far at least, apparently not physical ones) about the evil of America (with which they probably agreed) and calls for censorship of films such as The Wrestler and 300 which Iranians claim portray Iran/Persia in a negative light.  The tolerant, open minded, peace loving, war hating Americans most probably did not reciprocate by asking Iranians to tone down their American and Israeli hatred, demonstrated continuously by such words and actions as burning American and Israeli flags to the chants of "Death to America! Death to Israel!" or to stop funding terrorist groups which kill and maim Americans and Israelis. 
The dhimmi (Muslim contemptuous term referring to non-Muslims as lower in status) Americans just grinned; the women obediently donning  modesty scarves and flowing robes to cover -- for the first time in public -- their arms, legs and breasts. 

Their return trip debriefing - -uh Hollywood press conference -- should be interesting.  Will they denounce the cultural repression and hatred of America or will they gurgle, a la Roger Cohen  about the freedoms all Iranians have?  We shall see.