Every American a 'Volunteer'

The “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act” (GIVE act). HR 1388 has already passed the House and is on its way to the Senate.

You can read the final version of the House bill here. The legislation is a long string of amendments to existing laws that make it almost impossible to understand. (Really. This legislation is incomprehensible. I challenge you to click on this link and try to read the bill.)

There appears to be little volunteerism and almost no education in the bill.  But there are a lot of make-work government jobs for doing God only knows what.

For example:


‘(a) Required National Service Corps- The recipient of a grant under section 121(a) and each Federal agency operating or supporting a national service program under section 121(b) shall, directly or through grants or subgrants to other entities, carry out or support the following national service corps, as full- or part-time corps, including during the summer months, to address unmet educational, health, veteran, or environmental needs.

In case you missed it that says “required National Service Corps.”

And the authorized benefits for these "volunteers" reads a lot like the workers’ allotments for a “people’s republic” to me:

(a) In general
The Director shall provide for members of the Civilian Community Corps to receive benefits authorized by this section.

(b) Living allowance
The Director shall provide a living allowance to members of the Corps for the period during which such members are engaged in training or any activity on a Corps project. The Director shall establish the amount of the allowance at any amount not in excess of the amount equal to 100 percent of the poverty line that is applicable to a family of two (as defined by the Office of Management and Budget and revised annually in accordance with section 9902 (2) of this title.[1]

(c) Other authorized benefits
While receiving training or engaging in service projects as members of the Civilian Community Corps, members may be provided the following benefits:

(1) Allowances for travel expenses, personal expenses, and other expenses.
(2) Quarters.
(3) Subsistence.
(4) Transportation.
(5) Equipment.
(6) Clothing.
(7) Recreational services and supplies.
(8) Other services determined by the Director to be consistent with the purposes of the Program.

Does that read like a voluntary program for, say, cleaning up the neighborhood?  Or does it seem more like directions for funding a labor camp?

That America’s young people are not up in arms at the very idea of this bill demonstrates how ill-informed, or brain washed, the graduates of our public education system have become.

The Senate could vote on the bill today or tomorrow. You may want to contact your senator and see if you can help stop this monstrosity. If not, the People’s Republic takes its first baby step when the Senate passes HR 1388.

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