DTV and the 'Couch Potato Law of Motion'

After an expensive, money-wasting delay in so-called DTV Transition, many are still unprepared:
With about three months to go, U.S. regulators say some consumers are still unprepared for the television industry switch to digital broadcasting, which will affect Americans who do not receive their signals through cable or satellite.
The federally mandated transition was originally set for February 17, but lawmakers postponed it to June 12 on the theory that people need more time to get ready.

A huge waste of taxpayer money aside, here's why I opposed the delay from the start: Because it goes against a scientific principle called "The Couch Potato Law of Motion." Simply put, The Couch Potato Law of Motion is this: An object at rest will remain at rest until it no longer gets television reception!

Another way to put it would be, "If you shut it off, they will adapt."

It's simply pathetic how television is being presented if it's life-or-death medication. However, it isn't difficult to understand why the government is so incredibly prickly about making sure everybody has television reception, as television is the number-one preferred delivery method of government indoctrination, fear-mongering and demogoging.

People don't really believe that the government is doing all this because they're incredibly concerned about the general public missing Survivor, the soaps or the NCAA tournament, do they?