Coach Calhoun, crusader for economic freedom

Matters are getting nuttier and nuttier. Sports writers (sports writers!), those economic wizards, are now pronouncing what is and is not a fair salary for a college coach. All in response to this now-famous retort to a reporter's question by UConn basketball coach Jim Calhoun

Personally, I think Mr. Bondy of the NY Daily News  is grossly overpaid. Whatever his salary is. 

If all of the writers on the Daily News would just "give back to the community" 10% of their salary, well then the Daily News could lower its price by 10% and then John Q. Taxpayer would have more money in his pocket and won't have to sell pencils on the street. And, and, and, and we could have free health care for everybody. And, and, and, everybody would have a job.

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