Chas Freeman and The World's Oldest Hatred

It was not unexpected, but the it still burns. The reaction by Chas Freeman to his resignation was a horrible display of hate.

"I do not believe the National Intelligence Council could function effectively while its chair was under constant attack by unscrupulous people with a passionate attachment to the views of a political faction in a foreign country."
 -- Ambassador Chas Freeman Jr. 3/10/09

What came out of the mouths of  Chas Freeman  and his supporters is nothing less than Anti-Semitism. Make no mistake about it, when they are saying that the Israel lobby controls US foreign policy, they are really saying the Jews Control US Foreign Policy. If pressed they might also tell you that the Jews control the banks and the media too.

I am not trying to suggest that anyone who is anti-Israel is anti-Jewish (although there is a very large cross-over of the two)  but I am telling you that anyone who says use the term "Israel-lobby" over and over again is just being a politically correct Jew-hater.

It was an interesting debate, We talked of Saudi Ties while they talked of an Israel Lobby; we talked of his working with a Chinese company that broke the US embargo against Iran, they answered by blaming the Israel lobby; we talked about his support of Chinese human rights violations, they answered with Israel lobby. Even their constant attack on Steve Rosen, was just their way of saying, "see its that Jewish lobby trying to control the country". I was half expecting a Freeman supporter to claim that those 87 Chinese dissidents  who asked President Obama to reconsider Freeman were secretly Jewish (or at least supporting the Jewish position because you know how those people love Chinese food).

And throughout the entire two week-long debate we knew exactly what the Freeman supporters were really saying "We can't defend his lack of judgment, instead we will just blame the Jews.

The ironic part is when Chas Freeman chose to resign. Yesterday, the day he withdrew was Purim,  a Jewish Holiday where we celebrate a victory over a anti-Semite named Haman.  Haman complained that the Jews had no respect, that they had dual loyalty and in the end he was defeated. Haman was defeated over 2,500 years ago, Haman was also defeated yesterday.