Bill Ayers to speak in public school

This is an abomination:

William Ayers, whose history as a 1960s radical became a national campaign issue because of his association with President Barack Obama, will speak at Naperville North High School on April 8.

But under certain conditions.

School officials said Thursday that Ayers will be confined to speaking about three subjects: his time as a member of the radical Weather Underground, his recent notoriety from the political campaign and the "small-schools movement," which seeks to replace sprawling city schools with small, student-centered facilities.

Letting an unrepentant terrorist address students is plain wrong. If this were my school district, I would call for the resignation of the superintendent, Alan Leis, who said:

 "I think the issue is when we have the opportunity to bring real-life people from various periods of history, we're causing kids to think and face controversial issues and take their own position on it, and provide students with an opportunity most school districts around the country would die for". 
How  insensitive do you have to be to mention dying when discussing a leader of a group that attempted to murder US soldiers? A man who faces an inquiry into possible involvement in the murder of a police officer.

The superintendent's 08
salary is $227,395 (+bennies, which tend to be good in the education industry) and the teacher who invited him, Kermit Eby's is $112,076()

Read some reviews on Eby here.  Here is one:

  • He's very open-minded when it comes to your political views....unless they dont match his...then he just makes you cry!
Ethel C. Fenig adds:

Additionally, what is so surprising about this is that the high school in question is located in a wealthy Chicago suburb that consistently votes Republican with many of its residents working in the high tech companies in the area.