Barney Frank to Resign?

Rarely has Representative Barney Frank made more sense. The clueless Frank made a strong case for his removal from office with self-damning remarks about "incompetence" and "human nature being what it is, people have more inrerest in covering up their past mistakes" and should therefore be discarded for the general good, etc.     

From CNN transcript:

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Massachusetts: Well, I don't have a lot of confidence in Mr. Liddy's view at this point. When he said ..... that he was worried about not retaining them, it left me unconvinced he's really going to be trying.

The notion that we want to retain these people, that we want to pay the people who messed it up in the first place so they don't leave, is just backward to me. I think we would probably be better off if they did leave.

We are going to ask him to fully be cooperative in our effort, but I think the federal government has to take the lead on the lawsuits. We own this company in effect, and we're not asking that these bonuses be rescinded because we have lent money to the company. I believe we are saying as the owners of the company, we do not think we should be paying bonuses or should have paid bonuses to people who made mistakes, who were incompetent.

AIG's whipping boy, Liddy, would do well to turn the tables on the likes of Frank and point out where the most dangerous incompetence lies.

For the good of all Congressman Frank, follow your wise council, resign, and take Senator Dodd with you.
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