Another one bites the dust

Yet another Obama senior appointee has withdrawn from consideration. Josh Gerstein reports for Politico:

President Barack Obama's nominee to be the No. 2 official at the Environmental Protection Agency, Jon Cannon, withdrew Wednesday after it was disclosed that he was on the board of a nonprofit group faulted for mishandling federal grant money.

"Today I am voluntarily removing my name from consideration to be Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency," Cannon said in a statement released by EPA. "It has come to my attention that America's Clean Water Foundation, where I once served on the board of directors, has become the subject of scrutiny. While my service on the board of that now-dissolved organization is not the subject of the scrutiny, I believe the energy and environmental challenges facing our nation are too great to delay confirmation for this position, and I do not wish to present any distraction to the agency."

Voters should ask themselves why so many people favored by Barack Obama do not have clean records.