Another Democratic tax cheat

Still yet another tax and spend other peoples' money  Democrat has joined the public ranks of not spending his share of his own money to fund the government. 
Former mayor and now

D.C. Councilman Marion Barry owed the federal government $277,688 in back taxes as of Jan. 8, according to a new court filing from federal prosecutors, who are seeking jail time for the former mayor.

Prosecutors and the Internal Revenue Service on Thursday documented for the first time the amount of taxes that Barry, D-Ward 8, has failed to pay over the course of the past nine years. The IRS is currently garnishing Barry’s paycheck of $1,350 every two weeks, but he still owes more than a quarter million dollars, including penalties and interest.


the defendant nevertheless had enough time and money, for instance, to take a six-day vacation in Jamaica in September 2008 as well as to run for re-election as a Councilmember,” according to Thursday’s filing.

Of course his tax failures won't disqualify Barry from being a member of our nation's capitol's city council; perhaps it might even help in that overwhelmingly Democratic city.