Where the best dressed First Lady Shops

In another let-them-eat-cake fanzine swoon on local-girl-makes-real-good, Chicago Tribune reporter Wendy Donahue gushes in a story (again) about all things clothing worn by Michelle Obama, married to former community organizer President Barack Hussein Obama (D).
Despite what you've read, the former highly paid ($300,000) glorified community organizer for the University of Chicago Hospitals, whose job began with her husband's election to local politics (and curiously was eliminated with her recent move out of town) does not buy her clothes exclusively off the rack at upscale mall staples like J.C.Crew and online.  Those cute winter coats her adorable daughters wore for the inauguration?  Made to order from a basic design by J.Crew.   
Ok, she's entitled -- she's in the public spotlight, has to attend many events related to her husband's new job, represents America and all that.  But long before they were The Ultimate God and Goddess Power Couple and were just another Chicago up and coming duo, complaining about the difficulties they faced paying their specially arranged mortgage, kids' private school and extra curricular  tuitions and fees, Michelle Obama patronized Ikram, a high profile, exclusive and pricey clothing store in a trendy Chicago retail neighborhood, not her residential neighborhood.
Why did she shop there?
Well, look what happened to simple Texan librarian, Laura Bush, married to a Harvard MBA who became a Texas oilman and then president, who apparently committed the ultimate fashion faux pas, probably because she was married to, uh well, you know who.

Two years ago, Laura Bush attended the Kennedy Center Honors in the same red Oscar de la Renta dress that three other women were wearing.
OMG!  The horror! Now I'm just a simple Chicago girl, daughter of non government certified minority legal immigrants, who has a mere M.A. from New York's Columbia University -- unlike the more sophisticated Chicago woman Michelle Obama, daughter of  government approved minority Americans, who graduated from Harvard Law School.  Therefore I have to admit I never understood the high unease some women express if another woman is wearing the same outfit as their's.  What's the problem?  Why not be happy that another person also found just the right outfit to make her happy?  But as I said I'm just a simple Chicago girl...
So at Ms. Obama's Ikram

 That's one case for shopping at a store that carries smaller-scale designers such as Soronen, Thakoon and Isabel Toledo. (snip)
"All of the top boutiques are in a constant search for the next young 'it' designer," Chauvez said. "Neiman's might carry a dress by Rodarte, but Ikram carries the dress that nobody else carries. The really special pieces are the pieces that she buys—maybe just one for a client she knows will want it."
But hey, she's entitled, it's her money not mine she's spending.  Or Governor Sarah Palin's.  Hmmm, or is it?  Never mind.

But there are some problems.  Although she wears clothes from  designers named Maria Pinto and Jason Wu, who did her inaugural gown,

some have complained that Obama has yet to wear anything from a black designer, it's worth noting that Goldman contacted Tracy Reese, who is African-American, for dresses before the inauguration, though Obama has yet to wear them.

A spokesman for designer Rachel Roy says Goldman also has reached out to her on Obama's behalf.

Neither Roy nor Reese is carried at Ikram.
Well, I'm sure that major problem will soon be remedied.
And about that Jason Wu inaugural gown.

Wu wasn't paid for the ball gown. But he was told that, if worn, it would be donated to the Smithsonian Institution. He said he was satisfied with that place in fashion history -- one that's shared by Ikram.

I'm sure young Mr. Wu is satisfied.  I mean, it's not my money, right?