US grovels at Durban II

The United States, Israel and the free world have already lost at Durban ll because of the appeasing, cowardly words and actions of President Barack Hussein Obama's (D) appeasing and cowardly representatives. They are Neville Chamberlains of the 21st century. 

Barry Rubin
, director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center at IDC Herzliya and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs Journal, reports

Scene 1: The UN committee planning the Durban-2 pro-racism - I mean “anti-racism” - conference. Libya chairs the committee, Iran is the vice-chair, Cuba, the rapporteur, and Russia is presiding. The plan is designed to ensure that the conference limits free speech, bashes Israel and enshrines Muslims as the world’s only and perpetual victims.

The US representative stands to propose amendments. Is the speech a thunderous denunciation of dictatorship and a defense of liberty? Not exactly. Here is the key sentence: “I hate to be the cause of unhappiness in the room... I have to suggest [amendments] and I offer my sincere apologies.” (italics added)

The U.S. representative is apologizing in the name of the U.S. to thugs, murderers, and supreme racists for feeble attempts at freedom and decency!  In contemporary parlance, the U.S. representative threw the U.S.  under the bus and ran over it again and again. 

And there's more.  As Rubin puts it

America: A freight train is heading your way and you're standing right on the tracks, looking in the wrong direction.

Or perhaps it is like a horror film in which the killer sneaks up behind the hapless victim while the movie audience yells: "Turn around! Turn around!" And then blood spatters the screen.

Unfortunately, in this case, it might be our blood, and it won't be produced by a special effects department.