They Live! - Liberals and Space Aliens

They Live (1988) is a classic cult film where aliens have made the human population poorer and made submissive by manipulating through radio waves and signals the reality of the world around them.  They are subliminally sent the message to "Stay Asleep", "No Imagination", "Submit to Authority", "Obey", "Conform", "Consume", "Watch Television" and "Sleep."  Presently , the message we are getting from our media is to go along with the spending bill, trust the government, panic, something must be done,  fear for the worst, and that we must be saved. 

In the movie people are absolved of their liberty and are being treated like cattle.  This spending bill is exactly how Americans are being treated; their liberty is being trounced by government overreaching and by treating us as taxpayer cattle.

The thought control that the aliens use to manipulate humans is echoed by the Democrats and the friendly media that are attempting to ram this spending bill down taxpayer throats by attacking its critics.  Another message should be "Don't criticize."

One can see in this liberal spending bill an attempt to annihilate the individual and create a subclass of dependency within the middle class that will render their future voting power useless.  As in the movie, people are politically powerless and treated like criminals. 

Rent the movie and see the possibilities of the incoming reach of government.  In the movie, the aliens are discovered by a handful of fighting Americans; again American's must fight and reveal the dangerous control this spending bill will have over American society for generations.

The call must be heeded and the sunglasses be worn.
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