The damage unions will do

I am not a big fan of unions. While unions played a constructive role in building up the middle class last century, the union movement today is a job killer. It gains higher wages for a few, at the expense of the many,including the taxpayer, and corporations, which have become less competitive to the degree they are more unionized.

Fred Barnes lays out the damage they have caused and will cause, now that the Obama administration sees as one of its highest priorities the effort to increase unionization in the country. Obama says his top priority is increasing the number of jobs. His pro-union agenda won't help in that area, and will in fact work against his stimulus plans. But unions, a powerful arm of the Democratic Party, will be paid back by Obama and Congress for the help they gave to create the Democratic majorities that now exist.

The same is true for the coming wave of regulations and laws favored by global warming hysterics, who populate the environmental groups that heavily backed Obama. These new laws and regulations will increase energy costs for both individuals and businesses , eliminate jobs, and certainly in the coming decade, lead to an increased reliance on foreign sources of energy.

And sorry for digressing, but when the budget responsibility summit meets again to talk about controlling health care costs, do you expect the Administration will be willing to acknowledge that the litigation explosion has contributed to a shortage of practitioners in some areas(driving up costs), a lot of "defensive" medicine (driving up costs), and higher malpractice premiums for providers (driving up cost). I see a pattern, but the Democrats see trial lawyer campaign checks.